How Ultra Long-Life Lithium Batteries Expand the Use of WirelessHART

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The HART communications protocol continues to provide a critical link to nearly 30 million intelligent field instruments and host systems used in SCADA, process control, asset management, safety systems, M2M (machine to machine), AI (artificial intelligence), wireless mesh networks, and numerous other applications. HART-driven network control systems have been adopted globally to monitor and control field instruments across process industries and manufacturing facilities, as well as in power generation plants. These industrial control systems consist of a single instrument or a group of instruments that form a single- or multiple-loop network based on their design and deployment. Amid the wide implementation of HART-enabled devices, millions of these devices remain un-networked due to the exorbitantly high cost of hard-wiring them to the electrical grid, with is especially problematic in remote locations and extreme environments.

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