Innovation in Press Fabrication: The Advantages of Owning the End to End Process

Founded in 1973, SIMPAC America holds 70% of the market share in its home market of South Korea. The company is dedicated to serving both cost- and technology-driven customers and aims to provide fast turnarounds at competitive prices. SIMPAC’s North American team strives to establish long-lasting relationships and development projects by delivering a wide variety of top-quality, sophisticated press systems and dependable services. Their competitive edge stems from being a one-stop shop for press manufacturers. Because the company doesn’t rely on sub-suppliers, they can provide equipment a lot faster compared to other manufacturers. “We’re one the few press manufacturers that makes everything from point A to point Z,” says Stephan Robertson, VP of Sales & Operations. “We make our own gears and fabricate all of our own products on top of doing all of the assembly, casting, and forging in-house. This allows us to deliver the product a lot quicker than the competition.”

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