Innovation in Supply Chain, Fulfillment, and Logistics to be Spurred by $1 Billion Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund

Amazon is creating a $1 billion venture investment program called the Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund (AIIF) to spur and support innovation in supply chain, customer fulfillment, and logistics. As customers Innovation in Supply Chain increasingly shop online and look for even faster delivery, Amazon continues to invent new ways to raise the bar on customer and employee experience while working with other companies focused on those fields. Amazon has a history of investing in technologies within its operations that support employees and customers, like artificial intelligence, robotics, and other cutting-edge inventions. Some past improvements include robotic arms that perform repetitive tasks and new products in autonomous movement that can help transport larger items. The Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund will invest in companies that imagine solutions that incrementally increase delivery speed and further improve the experience of employees working in warehousing and logistics fields. The Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund’s first round of investments is focused on wearable technology that enhances safety in fulfillment buildings and robotics designed to complement and coexist with people’s lives. Below are details about those innovations and the companies behind them. 

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