Las Vegas CIO shapes city of future on IoT, cloud

After highly publicized accidents and fatalities, most municipal IT execs are waiting for autonomous vehicles to be proven safe beyond any doubt before building next-generation roadways and edge infrastructure for their cities and towns. Not Michael Sherwood, CIO of the City of Las Vegas. He is moving full steam ahead to attract more visitors and shape Las Vegas into America’s city of the future. [ Beware the 9 warning signs of bad IT architecture and see why these 10 old-school IT principles still rule. “Las Vegas is thriving to bring tourism back. The single greatest thing we can do is provide the foundation for some of the most advanced technologies here, one of them being the connected roadway,” Sherwood says. To date, Sherwood’s IT department has installed more than 150 intersections with advanced internet of things (IoT) equipment along the Las Vegas strip, in a small number of adjacent streets, and from the airport to Fremont Street. The CIO is working with several autonomous vehicle manufacturers, such as Motional, Amazon Zoox, and Halo, as well as the Kaptyn private car service for its electric vehicle (EV) fleet and Cisco for its connected roadway infrastructure and 5G wireless backbone.

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