Advanced Manufacturing International (AMI) launched in August of 2020. AMI is a non-profit with a mission to accelerate the digital transformation of small and medium manufacturers (SMMs). 98% of manufacturers in the United States employ less than 500 people.  AMI recognizes how important these SMMs are to the US manufacturing base and economy, therefore we have created this opportunity.

If you are an SMM, our community is the right place for you to learn about innovative cost-saving technologies, find solutions that fit your manufacturing challenges, and share best practices with similar companies.

We will be launching our membership program in early 2021 and are currently accepting applications into the AMI community.

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AMI will be selecting 3 SMMs for a FREE customized solution, a $25,000 value.

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Watch a demo of one of our low cost solutions!

Expected Membership Opportunities

Projects and Products
  • Access to Initiatives, Projects, and Products​
  • Collaborative sharing​
  • IP access ​
  • Cost-share activities​
Knowledge Access​
  • Skills development and continuing education
  • Curated publications and instructional videos
  • Workshops and initiatives​
Annual Events​
  • Member event for networking
  • Recognition awards for significant contributions​
Legislative Representation
  • SMM group concerns represented

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