Topics that are important to the AMI community are facilitated by the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Consortium, part of AMI since January 2021.

SMLC is an industry-driven, non-profit consortium of organizations from industry, universities, research and innovation labs, and associations. SMLC focuses on cultivating trusted and mutually beneficial collaborative activities to help manufacturers integrate new technologies successfully, provide a platform for collaboration and learning, and influence the direction of innovation.

The SMLC welcomes partners and collaborators from all sizes of companies, educational institutions, research organizations, and policymakers that thrive in a member-driven organization. Our program promotes collaborative, quality relationships to help each other along and benefit from sharing successes and challenges. Our current member identified areas of interest are the following:

We strive to expand our partnerships to extend our knowledge and collaboration network around the globe. Our face-to-face and on-line activities encourage building trusted relationships in order to share best practices and benchmarking.

Joining our membership program is simple, and as an introductory promotion, membership is complimentary until May 2022. Join now to take full advantage of this offer!