Metals and Alloys: Advanced Rotary Surface Grinders Deliver Endless Possibilities and Tighter Tolerances

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Machine shops that grind metal or alloy surfaces flat to remove material or achieve a precise thickness now have endless possibilities to improve their precision as well as production speed and control with more advanced, automated units. Today’s rotary surface grinders offer sophisticated sensors and controls that can reliably achieve tighter dimensional tolerances, flatness, parallelism, and surface finish in much less time. The equipment can be used to grind flat metals, alloys, and ceramics to precise dimensions before polishing. Operator control over the process is unsurpassed with the new automated grinders as the user can enter specific requirements. For example, 712 RPMs on the spindle, 22 RPMs on the table, with a down-feed rate of .003 in/minute, with a certain dwell cycle. Essentially, the machine can be programmed to meet just about any requirement.

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