Misplacing the Blame for the Baby Formula Shortage

Due to global supply chain disruptions over the past two years, Americans are getting used to product shortages, but they were still surprised by the recent shortage of baby formula. As of the end of May, Atlanta and Sacramento experienced an out-of-stock rate of 94.6%, putting babies at risk, especially those with special metabolic needs. As an immediate relief measure, military planes were used to transport baby formula from Europe to the U.S in late May, and the FDA allowed additional shipments from the UK and Australia in early June. On top of that, Abbott resumed its production at its plant in Sturgis, Michigan, in early June. Despite all these measures, Americans have been shocked to learn that this crisis will not end until July. As parents are struggling to find baby formula for their infants in the United States, there is plenty of blame to go around. Who are the suspects? Who is guilty? There are many culprits, except for one that has been widely blamed: industry concentration, which is an innocent bystander. 

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