Mitsui Chemicals Develops TPV With Recycled Polyolefin as Core Ingredient

Mitsui Chemicals has developed an environment-friendly grade of Milastomer thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) that employs recycled polyolefin as a principal component. Samples of the new grade are already being sent out to customers. The TPV builds on the material science capabilities of the Mitsui Chemicals Group (MCI Group), tapping into quality control and other know-how that has been developed through the production of compounds. Leveraging these resources has allowed Mitsui Chemicals to succeed in switching the polyolefin component to a recycled material, reducing CO2 emissions and the overall burden on the environment without compromising performance compared with the original virgin-resin-based product. Milastomer is currently used primarily in automotive (door trim, weather seals, mudguards) and building and construction (architectural gaskets and drainpipe hoses/fittings), as well as in everyday goods such as toothbrush grips. In adding the Eco Series to the product range, Mitsui Chemicals aims not only to offer an environmentally friendly option for use in these existing areas, but also to step up the development of new applications for Milastomer. 

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