Moxa Launches New Industrial IoT Gateways Optimized for Integration with the Azure IoT Edge Computing Platform

Moxa has launched the new AIG-300 Series of Industrial IoT gateways. Optimized for seamless integration with the Microsoft Azure IoT Edge computing platform, AIG-300 gateways are designed to provide the stable connectivity needed in Industrial IoT gateways distributed and unmanned sites to collect, store, process, and analyze operational data from sensors and other Industrial IoT devices. Moxa AIG-300 gateways are designed to provide a resilient, cost-effective solution for monitoring and diagnosing devices, equipment, assets, facilities, and processes remotely with limited onsite staff, offering fast, more secure sensor-to-cloud connections in remote field locations. The gateways deliver the advanced connectivity needed to share edge data with the cloud for analytic processing and game-changing insights, along with simplified device management so customers can deploy, scale, and maintain their digital transformation initiatives. With the use of the Moxa ThingsPro Proxy utility, device provisioning is also streamlined for improved outcomes.

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