New Embedded Computing for Signal Processing, Communication and Control Functions

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Acromag introduces a new rugged, small form factor (SFF) embedded computer system with modular I/O for signal processing, communication, and control functions. The ARCX1100 is optimized for size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) with a COM Express Type 10 CPU and four slots for Acromag’s plug-in AcroPack® I/O modules. The ARCX4000 Series is a powerful embedded SFF computing platform featuring an Intel® i7 COM Express Type 6 processor. This is offered with an Intel® i7 COM Express Type 6 processor. The ARCX4000 supports PMC, XMC, and AcroPack Modules. The smaller unit supports up to 1x PMC or XMC module or up to 2x AcroPack modules. The larger unit will support up to 2x PMC or XMC modules or up to 4x AcroPack modules. This unit is designed for full Military Compliance with 38999 Connections plus a removable drive is available.

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