New GX-F Advanced Series With Remote Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance

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The new GX-F ADVANCED Series of artificial intelligence-enabled fiber lasers, designed by Mitsubishi engineers and built with major Mitsubishi components, is one of the only laser systems in the industry with a single source for service and support. Intuitive AI technology makes the GX-F ADVANCED Series easy to use for operators of all skill levels—especially valuable because of the ongoing shortage of skilled manufacturing workers. By integrating the most advanced gas reduction technology, the new GX-F ADVANCED Series delivers more power while using up to 77 percent less nitrogen. “Not only does the GX-F ADVANCED Series require much less operator input because of its AI technology, it uses less nitrogen to lower operating costs and maximize profitability,” said MC Machinery North American Sales Manager for Fabrication Shane Herendeen. “This is truly a game-changer for metalworking companies of all sizes.”

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