New Phototransistor with Reception Angle of 6 and 16 Degree

The L14T1 is a high sensitivity phototransistor, while the L14D1 is a high sensitivity photodarlington, about 1 order of magnitude higher than the phototransistor. They are packaged on an hermetic TO-46 metal can, capped with a focusing lens that results in narrow reception angles. This package technology is ideal for harsh environments conditions like high temperature, high humidity or corrosive atmosphere. Their main features are: Operating temperature range: -65 to +125°C L14T1: Icon > 16 mA @ 0.5 mW/cm2, Reception angle: 16 degree L14D1: Icon > 6 mA @ 0.05 mw/cm2, Reception angle: 6 degree SD5443 and SD5410 were industry standard products that have been obsoleted by their manufacturer.

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