New Software Connects ERP and PLM Data to MES

For decades now, industry has seen no shortage of software packages to improve production applications or collect and manage data. And with the push toward Industry 4.0, there have been numerous additional developments to aggregate, analyze and present the various data from all these plant floor software systems to the executive suite to aid executive decision-making processes. But what about the decision-making information needs of plant floor and process engineering management? Though the executive-facing systems referenced above are certainly used by plant floor and engineering management, they weren’t specifically designed for them. To address this, GE Digital has released Proficy Orchestration Hub. According to GE Digital, this software “provides out-of-the-box tools to unify manufacturing product information from disparate data systems, transforms and organizes raw business-oriented information into production-ready formats, and orchestrates the information across factory floor systems at a single site or multiple sites.” 

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