New Spindle Technology Converts Machine Tools into High-Speed Machining Centers

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IWTO USA, Charlotte, N.C. is offering what it calls a new and affordable solution for micromachining applications, an area where many manufacturing companies and machine shops are striving to increase productivity. CoolSpeed mini is a patented, ultra-high-speed spindle that can reach rotation speeds of up to 75,000 rpm. The spindle turbine is driven by coolant, cutting oil, or air mist. According to WTO, it is affordable, fits in standard tool holders for cylindrical tools, and is compatible with milling centers, turning centers, and Swiss-style lathes. By design, the cutting tool shank serves as the spindle shaft. As a result, dynamic runout is 4 microns or better and bearings can be replaced by the user with each cutting tool change, according to WTO. The CoolSpeed spindle does not require any service.

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