Next Generation of Collaborative Robots Will Transform the Industrial Workforce

As industry moves into the era of Smart Manufacturing there are several emerging technologies that will be integral components of this cognitive manufacturing environment. One of those technologies is the next generation of industrial robots. One of the most significant aspects of this constantly progressing technology is the rise of the new “cobot” workforce, where humans and machines will work side by side collaboratively and safely. But the bigger picture is how the use of robotics has been steadily moving beyond the walls of the factory and production lines. And even in the manufacturing space the use of robotics has moved beyond the caged production robots that had to be isolated to protect the human workforce. Robotics is being used in many applications like warehousing, biotech and pharmaceutical, training for medical personnel, law enforcement, working in hazardous and contaminated areas, customer service in hotels and retail, and surveillance to name just a few instances. Robots can now perform complex surgical procedures guided remotely by a human surgeon. Robots can help customers with their shopping, picking items and delivering them. 

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