Oil Removal in Machining Operations: An Opportunity for Savings and Improved Quality

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To thrive, and in some cases survive, CNC machine operators are constantly driven to seek out new ways to reduce costs and improve finished part quality. However, many may be overlooking a significant opportunity to accomplish both mandates by focusing on improving the process of removing oil generated in the various stages of machining processes. Whether “tramp” oil finds its way into coolant or accumulates in parts washing baths, oil can wreak havoc on machining operations. Tramp oil in coolant can clog lines and spray nozzles, shorten tool life, stain workpieces, and lead to inaccurate tolerances. The cost of replenishment and disposal of coolant is also substantial. In parts washing, oil that is not removed accumulates and contaminates wash solutions, resulting in frequent bath recharging, and poor adhesion during painting or plating.

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