Outlook 2022: Culture and Employee Happiness

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“I quit!” A friend has already changed jobs twice in the past year. He quit a job he had been in for over 10 years to take one that offered more pay and better benefits. After only a few weeks, he realized he was miserable and ended up taking another job with less pay but one that was in an organization with a collaborative culture and in a field that was more suited to his interests. He is now happier than ever in this new career. In October 2021, 4 million people quit their job and there are currently 11 million jobs available to fill. “The Great Resignation” seems to be occurring at all levels and in most industries. There are many reasons that this is happening (safety concerns, work from home debates, burnout, etc.), but we may look back in 10 years and realize that this was a good step toward improving company cultures and overall employee happiness. Due to the Great Resignation, my outlook on how cultures in organizations will evolve has changed in a couple of ways.

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