Pathlock-Appsian Deal Combines App Governance, ERP Security

Bringing Pathlock, Appsian and Security Weaver together will allow the company to take a larger bite out of the $110 billion market focused on compliance testing for business applications, according to CEO Piyush Pandey. Companies rely on ERP apps for items such as HR, finance, supply chain management and business analytics and want to simplify securing all the critical information contained within. “We want our customers to manage risk in a comprehensive fashion across different applications with a single tool, which not only helps automate the process, but also helps with testing,” Pandey tells Information Security Media Group. “We want to combine these tools into one platform so that people can get a comprehensive view of risk.” Growth equity firm Vertica Capital Partners combined Pathlock, Appsian and Security Weaver and adopted the Pathlock name for positioning and branding purposes even though Appsian was the largest of the businesses. Pandey was the CEO of Appsian and had been working for more than a year to build a platform that could deliver security, compliance, governance and automation around SAP and Oracle (see: Attackers Target Unpatched SAP Applications). 

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