Physicists Unveil the Condensation of Liquid Light in a Semiconductor One-Atom-Thick

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The idea of creating quantum computers has long captured the minds of researchers and experts of IT corporations. They are the most powerful computers operating according to the laws of the quantum world and capable of solving many problems more efficiently than the most productive classical supercomputers. Similar developments are underway, for example, at Google and IBM. However, many such projects require the use of cryostats. These are vessels with liquid nitrogen or compressed helium, inside which quantum processors are cooled to temperatures below -270°C. Such a low temperature is required to maintain the superconductivity effect, which is necessary for the operation of quantum computers. The developments of Alexey Kavokin and his colleagues are related to the creation of a polariton platform for quantum computing. One of its key advantages is the ability to perform quantum computing at room temperature. The polariton laser has been discovered by Alexey Kavokin and his colleagues. It operates on the principle of Bose-Einstein condensation of exciton polaritons at room temperature, and makes possible the creation of qubits – the basic elements of quantum computers. Qubits occur using the method of laser irradiation of artificial semiconductor structures – microcavities.

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