Powerful New Semiconductor Tool Introduced by Park Systems Combines Atomic Force Microscopy with White Light Interferometry

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Park Systems, a manufacturer of Atomic Force Microscopes, presents Park NX-Hybrid WLI, the first fully integrated system that combines Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) with White Light Interferometer (WLI) profilometry. White light interferometry (WLI) is a nondestructive, non-contact, optical measurement technique used to generate 2D and 3D models of surfaces, and is now widely used for semiconductor production quality assurance. Park Systems introduces the Park NX-Hybrid WLI as a powerful semiconductor metrology tool that incorporates the best of AFM and WLI technologies into one seamless system. “Park NX-Hybrid WLI introduces a total complementary metrology solution for semiconductor applications requiring both large area scanning and nanoscale metrology,” comments Richard Lee, VP of Product Marketing, Park Systems. “The revolutionary design and seamless integration of WLI and AFM emphasizes Park’s commitment to provide new, innovative customer driven solutions, as nano metrology requirements for device manufacturing continue to increase.”

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