Process System Manufacturer Shares Secret to 47 Years of Business Success

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In the design and installation of stainless steel sanitary tanks and process systems, Highland Equipment has established itself as a leading provider of sanitary process equipment and installations of complex piping along with mix tanks and pressure vessels. The secret to the business’ success, General Manager Rod Allen explains, lies in its in-house technical capabilities “including our engineering department, a team of highly skilled engineers who bring years of expertise, innovative ideas, and deep industry knowledge to the work table, and our team of specialists in welding, fabrication and mechanical construction.” “The diversity of our engineering and technical departments here at Highland — in terms of their backgrounds, their experience in the sector, the projects they’ve worked on, the challenges they’ve solved for clients — is really what makes them such a powerful team to support our customers,” Allen says. “We’ve designed and installed numerous tanks and systems for major manufacturers over our last 47 years in this business, and our engineering team is a big part of why all our work for clients is done right and done on time.”

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