Product News: Panasonic’s new software for its Logiscend System

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Panasonic introduced a new version of software for its Panasonic Logiscend System, a turnkey material-flow management solution for complex, discrete manufacturing. Logiscend Software 3.0 enhances the Logiscend platform’s location-management capabilities, user access controls and data provisioning, and pick-and-replenishment configurability, per its maker. Logiscend Software 3.0 delivers an expanded Real Time Location System (RTLS) by integrating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags and locators. Users can track and locate any part at any time with a high degree of accuracy, increasing efficiency by providing visibility of bottlenecks and triggering automated workflows based on small changes in the location of assets, says Panasonic. BLE tags and locators can be combined with Panasonic VIEW tags for the additional benefit of eliminating paper and providing real time instructions to the manufacturing floor.

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