RISE center will accelerate industrial use of additive manufacturing

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RISE announced the opening of the Application Center for Additive Manufacturing in Sweden, in tandem with industrial and academic partners. “By gathering end users, suppliers of services, technology and materials with our researchers and experts at RISE, the Application Center for Additive Manufacturing enable us to form a robust national ecosystem for additive manufacturing in Sweden,” said Seyed Hosseini, director of the facility. In the center, the industrial teams will have access to the latest projects carried out by the research partners, can test and demonstrate different additive-manufacturing technologies (including their pre- and post-operations), as well as access expertise and competence along the supply chain, per RISE. To be successful in such an environment, collaboration, and cooperation between all partners in the center is vital as each partner has unique competence and experience, they note. The center creates an independent and open environment for such collaboration to take place in Sweden.

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