Robot-Guided EDM Launched for SpaceX

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Supplying aerospace manufacturers is always a matter of high precision and often a matter of high volume and repeatability. Beaumont Machine in Batavia, Ohio, has supplied multi-axis fast hole EDM systems to aircraft builders like Lockheed Martin and jet-engine manufacturers like Pratt & Whitney and GE Aviation. A recent project added a newer name to the list, and a slightly different aerospace market. SpaceX – the Hawthorne, Calif., manufacturer of launch vehicles, rocket engines, spacecraft and communications satellites – was established by Elon Musk to achieve lower-cost space transportation. With a recent order of a small-hole EDM workcell, SpaceX is now a Beaumont Machine customer. The scale of the aerospace project may change, but the demand for precision remains. Beaumont Machine accepts all aerospace-sector challenges for small hole EDM and robotic articulation.

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