Rockwell Automation’s New Bus Supply Solution Provides Cost and Space Savings

Rockwell Automation released its new non-regenerative bus supply solution that is designed to help provide industrial companies with increased space savings and lower costs. The bus supply is part of the Allen-Bradley non-regenerative Bus SupplyPowerFlex 755 portfolio. It is a more cost-effective solution for a common bus when regenerative and low harmonics are not required. If industrial companies have multiple motors, a common bus solution can reduce the size and costs, and using a non-regenerative supply can help to save additional costs. This new non-regenerative bus supply converts three-phase AC line voltage to DC, and is compatible with PowerFlex 755 bus supplies and common bus Inverters. Part of the 755T drives portfolio, this new non-regenerative supply solution must be paired with a drive with TotalFORCE technology to be considered TotalFORCE. But it can also serve as a non-regenerative DC power supply for common bus applications that are not TotalFORCE. This new non-regenerative supply is available in 6-pulse and 12-pulse configurations with XT corrosive gas protection. The distributed DC Bus is located in modular Rittal cabinets, which can result in added space savings. This solution is designed to be most effective in industries, such as oil and gas, tire and rubber, mining, food and beverage, and metals. 

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