Rockwell Automation’s New GuardShield Safety Light Curtains Protect People and Productivity

Rockwell Automation introduced its new Allen-Bradley 450L Perimeter Access Control (PAC) GuardShield safety light curtains, designed to help production personnel work safer and more efficiently. Subject to risk assessment, light curtains can help to eliminate the need for hard guarding and gates while allowing more frequent, easier and safer access to hazardous safety light curtains areas. Designed for whole-body detection, PAC light curtains are typically positioned around an area or in front of a machine entry or exit that poses a moderate to high risk of operator injury. The light curtains help protect personnel and equipment by detecting the presence of people and objects within the guarded area. The 450L GuardShield safety light curtains feature patented technology that allows each transceiver to be used as a transmitter or receiver via a plug-in module. The single-stick architecture helps to reduce the requirements for spare stock and offers an easier and more economical upgrade path should operational requirements change in the future. Other features that make the light curtains a versatile safeguarding solution for a wide range of applications include. 

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