Samsung Uses Repurposed Fishing Nets in New Galaxy Devices

Samsung is making an effort to eliminate single-use plastics, minimize its environmental footprint, and promote the use of eco-conscious materials, including recycled paper and recycled post-consumer material. To achieve this, the electronics company announced it will incorporate plastics headed for the ocean throughout its entire product lineup. But Samsung is not necessarily referring to grocery bags or water bottles. Rather, the focus is on abandoned and discarded fishing nets. These nets left behind are a part of a categorization called “ghost gear.” According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, ghost gear is any discarded, lost, or abandoned fishing gear in the marine environment that continues to fish and trap and kill marine life, ruin habitats, and serve as a hazard to navigation. According to Samsung, these repurposed, ocean-bound plastics were found in the lineup it revealed at its Galaxy Unpacked 2022. Microsoft went a similar route in September of 2021 with its Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse. The shell of the mouse was made with 20% recycled ocean plastic. 

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