Santa’s Digitalized Warehouse

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With Christmas around the corner, it is time to focus on the world’s oldest warehouse—the one where Santa tirelessly packs millions of gifts. Things at Santa’s workshop have changed, the days of elves manufacturing toys using outdated devices are gone. Instead, Santa must invest in smart technologies to optimize production and distribution. Here Claudia Jarrett, US country manager at automation parts supplier EU Automation, advises Santa on how to implement technologies to automate his warehouse and keep up with the times.
Like many of us, Santa is familiar with the challenges of global supply chains—speed, traceability, and the necessity to accurately predict demand are just some of his headaches. There are roughly 2.2 billion children around the globe, which equals to around 25% of the world’s population. If the average gift weighs 2.2 pounds, Santa must deliver 600 tons of presents in only one night.
Such a task requires solutions like collaborative robots and an Internet of Things (IoT) system to build a resilient supply chain for global distribution.

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