Seoul Semiconductor Files Patent Infringement Lawsuits Against Philips TV and Filament LED Bulbs in Europe and U.S.

Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. announced that, in April 2022, it has launched patent infringement lawsuits against Ace Hardware, a global retail company, in the U.S., and, in Europe, against a distributor of Conrad Electronic’s sales platform. In the two cases, which are pending in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia and the German District Court of Düsseldorf, Seoul asserted infringement of its patents by Philips brand TVs, filament LED bulbs, and premium lighting products. Seoul also sought a recall of infringing products as well as the destruction of those products in the German case. In these lawsuits, Seoul’s patents cover phosphor technology for high-quality color gamut and WICOP technology. Seoul has developed its phosphor technology together with a Japanese company (“M”) over 15 years and has succeeded in producing LED lights that are the closest spectrum to natural light. Based on the quality of these lights, which is recognized in the industry, Seoul’s phosphor technology can be found in premium lighting products requiring more than CRI (color rendering index) 90, as well as display products. 

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