SICK’s Master Data Analyzer Vision

SICK announced the latest iteration in the Master Data Analyzer family of products—the Master Data Analyzer Vision (MDA Vision), which promises to help retailers find a more effective way to optimize space in a warehouse or distribution center by providing accurate product data. Collecting master data and dimensioning data can help retailers analyze all goods entering or leaving a facility. Once collected, all that data can be sent to a warehouse management system, making it easier to optimize space. The MDA Vision provides master-data recording in one step in less than a second. The product is also NTEP certified to provide legal for trade (LFT) dimensions and weight for measured packages. “As the pandemic has continued to accelerate e-commerce and same-day delivery demands, the evolution of logistics technologies and processes have also accelerated to keep pace,” said Don DeLash, national retail sales manager at SICK USA. “An emerging trend is the implementation of data capture and information technologies that support dynamic, real-time package routing and course adjustments.

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