Simulation Shows Recycled Polyamides Can Sustain Future Mobility

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Domo Chemicals has introduced new material cards to fast-track the adoption of its line of eco-friendly polyamides (PAs), Techyl 4Earth. This new feature in Domo’s advanced predictive simulation platform, MMI Techyl Design will help manufacturers to develop lighter, more cost-effective parts using peak-performing recycled polyamides. With many industries eager to reduce their environmental footprint, demand for recycled plastics is growing exponentially. Until recently, however, the often-inconsistent performance of recycled plastics hindered their adoption in the most rigorous applications. Techyl 4Earth has opened the door to a suite of new applications, providing breakthrough performance comparable to traditional PA 66. With Techyl 4Earth, Domo’s goal is to accelerate the use of sustainable plastics and broaden the scope of target applications by providing top-performing grades to meet the most demanding technical requirements.

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