Small-Batch Shop Embraces Automation – and Growth

Meeting rising levels of demand in a consistent, cost-effective manner can be a complicated problem for a machine shop. The operations group at Ultradent Products Inc. in South Jordan, Utah, is a developer and manufacturer of high-tech dental materials and devices, and in 2017 it sought to increase production of its Valo curing light, used by dental clinicians to cure dental composites, sealants, and various other chemistries. Ultradent’s curing lights are complex pieces of equipment that require numerous holes, finishes, and different geometries – and required almost 50 minutes and three complex machining operations to produce one curing light housing. The original manufacturing process involved hand-loading the raw materials and finished parts; a cumbersome and slow-moving process for a company that had only had three employees on the shop floor per shift. The manufacturing set-up resulted in an occasional spindle crash, hindering operations and output. “We needed more reliability and faster cycle times,” senior CAD/CAM programmer Ryan Umpleby said. 

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