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Manufacturing companies and machine shops have been rapidly adopting digital measurement solutions over the past 10 years. As users and their customers become more knowledgeable, they also become more discerning about what they want and, in many cases, require from their metrology solutions. For example, they want the ability to connect their CAD models with reliable, non-proprietary communication between dimensional metrology software and CMM hardware, or require that their metrology software has the endorsement of NIST testing and PTB certification. It is important for manufacturers to realize that metrology software is what drives the measurement process, so approaching metrology from a software perspective is a key first step. Verisurf Software is compatible with all popular CAD software and runs virtually all portable CMMs, programmable CMMs and scanners, making it easy to select the right measurement hardware for a desired application—scanning, touch probing, laser tracking, portable, fixed, etc. Because of our commitment to 3D CAD and model-based definition (MBD), Verisurf users can be securely rooted to whichever CAD authority they rely on across their manufacturing enterprise.

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