SSD roundup: New products deliver speed, density gains

There’s never a dull moment in the enterprise SSD market. Among the latest developments are three new products from Samsung, Micron and Kioxia. Here are the highlights. Samsung’s new computational storage drive Samsung unveiled a second generation of its SmartSSD, an SSD with a Xilinx FPGA and some memory for doing computational storage. Computational storage is the process of processing data where it lies rather than moving it around the network. It’s a new concept and only possible with SSDs; there’s no way this could be done with a mechanical hard drive. Samsung introduced the SmartSSD in 2020. The first generation featured a Xilinx Kintex processor. The new version adds software and intellectual property (IP) developed by customers, along with in-built Arm cores. Samsung claims processing time for scan-heavy database queries can be slashed by over 50%, energy consumption by up to 70%, and CPU utilization by up to 97% versus conventional data center solid-state drives. Samsung has not said when its second generation SmartSSD will ship. 

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