Supplier to Lockheed Martin, General Motors Shares Its Secrets to Vendor Relationships

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You know that frustrating feeling you get when you pop open a big bag of potato chips only to find out it’s mostly full of air? Well, that air actually serves a purpose. Bags used to seal in just regular oxygen. “That’s why you’d get stale potato chips pretty quickly,” says Kyle Randall, vice president and director of sales at Compressed Air Systems, Inc. (CAS). To give your favorite snack a longer shelf life, companies began displacing the oxygen with nitrogen gas. To obtain this gas, they look to Tampa, Florida-based Compressed Air Systems, which sells and rents the necessary equipment. Beyond keeping your chips crisp, Compressed Air Systems is providing the tools, equipment, and services that help save lives. “Moffitt Cancer Research Center here in Tampa is one of the biggest cancer centers in the world, and we supply them their breathing air systems, vacuum pumps, and compressors. We’re their go-to people,” says Randall.

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