Sustainability in Transportation – How We Fix Congestion, Pollution, and More

With Nikolaj Koster, Head of Mobility at Deem, Inc. This fascinating discussion with Nikolaj Koster, Head of Mobility at Deem, Inc. covers a broad range of topics, including: 1. Robotaxis: How artificial intelligence will help save the world and why your kid won’t need a driver’s license. Koster predicts that before the end of this decade, the majority of cars in our cities won’t have a driver. Learn more about the role artificial intelligence is likely to play in our everyday life, what your futuristic trip across town might entail, and why we should all be excited about robots behind the wheel. 2. Sustainability There’s no denying that climate change, sustainability, and the swiftly changing culture around travel is top of mind these days. Find out why the emphasis on “going green” is both more important and exciting than ever to Koster and what kind of impact he believes modern mobility solutions can really have. 

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