The 2022 IEEE VLSI Symposium on Technology & Circuits, Now Merged as a Single Event with the Theme: “Technology & Circuits for the Critical Infrastructure of the Future”

Now in its 42nd year of delivering a unique convergence of technology and circuits for the microelectronics industry, the Symposia on VLSI Technology & Circuits will be merged into one Symposium to maximize the synergy across both domains. The newly merged 2022 IEEE VLSI Symposium on Technology & Circuits is organized around the theme: “Technology & Circuits for the Critical Infrastructure of the Future.” The five-day hybrid event, combining both live sessions onsite at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, as well as on-demand access to selected presentations, is scheduled from June 12 – 17, 2022 in Honolulu, HI. The Symposium will feature advanced VLSI technology developments, innovative circuit design, and the applications they enable, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, wearable/implantable biomedical applications, big data, cloud / edge computing, virtual reality (VR) / augmented reality (AR), robotics, and autonomous vehicles. The weeklong Symposium will continue its reputation as the microelectronics industry’s premiere international conference integrating technology, circuits, and systems with a range and scope unlike any other conference. In addition to the technical presentations, the Symposium program will feature a demonstration session, evening panel discussions, joint focus sessions, short courses, workshops, and a special forum session that provides a focused discussion on a specific topic relevant to the Symposium theme.

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