The 5 Coolest, Most Innovative Things Ever 3D Printed

Much more than just a hobby, additive manufacturing is being put to life-changing use, not only in tech, but in the medical and food and beverage industries too. From 3D printed steaks to coral reefs for preservation, 3D printing is taking over the world, and the market is set to reach a massive $50 billion by 2030. There’s no end to the weird and wonderful things that can be done with this amazing technology. Below are five of the coolest and craziest things to ever be 3D printed. 1. Mouse Ovaries Made from 3D printed layers of gelatin, three out of seven infertile mice who received 3D printed ovary implants at a trial in Northwestern University in Chicago, successfully got pregnant and gave birth. Just imagine what this could mean for humans. 

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