The AI-powered Robots Addressing Current, Future Industry Challenges

When I first saw a video of the humanoid robot Sophia, I thought, “What other AI-powered programs are out there?” Turns out, there are quite a few. In 2021, more bills related to artificial intelligence (AI) passed into law than ever before. These bills both suggested regulations to manage potential risks that come with AI and promoted public funding for the technology. With ongoing development in AI tech — and experts agreeing that COVID-19 accelerated the shift to Industry 5.0 — here are a few very complex, cool, and useful AI-powered robots designed to address both current and future challenges. Strawberry-picking Robot V7 Labs, a London-based startup specialized in training AI companies to automate training-date processes, helped a strawberry-picking robot learn which fruit was ready to be pulled. The startup FruitCast went to V7 with images and videos of what their AI model needed to learn. From there, the system detected boundaries and internal measurements and labeled them accordingly using a “continual learning” approach. 

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