The emergence of multi-cloud networking software

Multi-cloud networking software (MCNS), which is available from industry stalwarts like Cisco and VMware, as well as a slew of startups, is designed to address the challenge of how to safely and efficiently connect networks and applications across multiple public cloud environments. Traditional approaches to network architecture and operations are untenable in today’s multi-cloud world, says Brian Casemore, vice president of research, datacenter and multi-cloud networking at IDC. And the cloud service providers have come up short in their ability to effectively integrate multiple clouds, says Ron Howell, managing enterprise network architect at IT consulting firm Capgemini Americas. He says that each public cloud service tends to focus on its own cloud as if it were the only one an enterprise would ever need, which is far from the truth or reality. “This is where multi-cloud networking software adds value,” Howell says.

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