The European Automation Market is well Positioned, albeit Quite Diverse

Looking at the European automation market and its suppliers, it becomes quite obvious that Europe has a large number of different players that either are specializing on specific automation topics, that are industry or application experts, or who are very focused companies with a solution portfolio addressing one specific vertical, or they are global broad solution providers. My colleague Florian Güldner also wrote an article about this (see link: European Automation Champions – Providing Knowledge, not Opinions). However, in this article I would like to give a closer look at the ranking of these companies. It is quite common to rank these lists after the overall revenue the companies produce. Of course, there are more different ways to address this point of view, next to total revenues, like complete portfolio offering, technical specialty, or company focus. But to keep it simple, I would like stick to the common approach for now to make things easier. The revenues in the figure represent the top 20 companies’ revenues that ARC covers and collects through its large portfolio of market reports. Hence, the overall revenues are providing a very good insight into the ranking in regard to automation solutions and technology including software, hardware and services. 

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