The Internet of Behaviors (IoB) Can Analyze, Even Influence Human Behavior

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While IoT sensors connect objects to the internet for data collection and monitoring, IoB tracks human interactions with these IoT-connected devices. IoB data sources will grow in number as IoT spreads. How does it work? Take a smart thermostat, for example. In terms of IoT capabilities, it can monitor environmental data from its sensors, along with energy usage tied to heating and cooling. But when you add IoB to the mix, the device may also collect all the data involved with user interactions, such as: how often users interrupt the pre-set program how often the device is accessed in-person versus remotely how frequently users change settings manually and what their preferences appear to be learning user habits and patterns, such as what times of day they are usually at home. The thermostat manufacturers could then use this information to inform the design of the next generation of products. They may also send the user some suggestions for getting maximum value from their thermostat device based on their personal usage patterns and behavior.

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