The IW U.S. 500: The COVID Effect

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Typically, the IndustryWeek U.S. 500 serves as a vital market index, measuring the impact of a full fiscal year’s worth of activity in the manufacturing sector. Typically, tallying year-end bottom- line metrics and key profitability and operational factors for the 500 largest public U.S. manufacturers provides clear and unmistakable insight into the real-world results of any micro or macroeconomic events in the industry—from strikes to tax cuts, from innovations to recessions. Typically, year-over-year movements up and down this ranking demonstrate lasting trends in the industry—the longterm rise of tech or the slow decline of the petrochemical and coal industries, for example. Typically, the IW U.S. 500 report provides the missing details of these ongoing, predictable trends, and it is typically used to make the next year’s trends even more predictable.

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