The LIMS Appliance

The LIMS Edge Appliance

AMI, partnered with LECS Energy, is pleased to offer the Learning Integrated Manufacturing System (LIMS) – that provides you with the latest Industry 4.0 IoT Edge Platform for developing applications to bring your manufacturing system into your enterprise. The LIMS system includes a complete rules engine, over 50 I/O Interfaces, analytics along with statistics engines, and over a decade of example turn-key applications to get you started.


  • Turn-Key Edge Platform for Developing Industry 4.0 Solutions with Integrated Industrial  I/O
  • IOT Edge Device – Complete Industry 4.0 – Solution
    • One-Click Cloud Integration (Azure, Amazon, DreamFactory, Everywhere…)
    • On Click Database Integration (MS SQL, Oracle, SQLite …)
    • Integrated Security and Roles
  • I/O Integration
    • Integrated Modbus TCP/Serial I/O Module for complete Out of Box Solution
    • I/O is Discovered and Published
    • Over 50 Protocols Support (MTConnect®, Modbus, BacNET, Serial, Profibus, CATNet…)
  • Application Development
    • Solution Development with GUI Tool Solution Builder®
      • Data Collection, Connections, Applications
    • Enables Users to Develop Solutions Stand Alone or Integrated with the Plant’s Network
    • Complete Rules Engine with simple Drag/Drop GUI Builder
    • LIMS to LIMS and LIMS to Cloud Application Development
  • Analytics
    • OEE – Automated MTConnect® OEE – Utilization Analytics
    • Complete Statistics Engine for Edge based Analytics
    • Learning System for Equipment Diagnostic and Optimization
    • Direct Interface to Machine Learning (Azure, Amazon)
  • Enable Legacy Machine Tools to use the MTConnect® Standard, Add New Sensors, Integrate MTConnect® enabled Machines and devices to provide a collective dashboard of your plant floor.

Watch to learn more about the LIMS Box


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