The Secrets to Successful Industrial Recruiting & Hiring from an HR Expert

In today’s employment market, finding the right candidate for an industrial position can be exceedingly difficult. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate is at 3.9%. While this is great news for employees, it is especially challenging for employers looking to fill open positions. Kirsten Faurot, former HR senior business partner at Thomas, has years of experience matching the right person with the right industry job. She recently shared her best practices for finding, recruiting, and ultimately hiring the best talent for your industrial business. Preliminary Stages For a knowledgeable HR recruiter, Faurot explained, the talent acquisition process really begins with the hiring manager. “I think the keyword … is ‘partner,’” she said. “What really helps us to understand the job and make sure we get the right person is to get as much information from the hiring managers as possible. “[The HR team member is] going to get that request for a new job to be filled, and the first thing they’re going to do is pick up the phone or walk over and see that hiring manager,” she explained. “I need to know everything that this person needs to do, as well as what kind of attributes that the person should have.”

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