The Unbelievable Story of How the Brooklyn Bridge Was Built

There are many ways we define ourselves — from our cultural heritage to our hobbies and, New Yorkers’ favorite, what we do for a living. One of the ways I identified myself when I was growing up was my proximity to a bridge. For years, when asked where I lived, I would say “ten minutes from the GWB” — the George Washington Bridge. Most New Jerseyans hadn’t heard of the small borough in which I’d grown up so it was easier to just provide the biggest landmark. But it was more than that. Referencing the very structure that connected me back to the city of my birth, the city where so many people move to follow their dreams, was a sense of pride. But the George Washington Bridge isn’t the bridge most people think of when they think of New York City. The bridge filmed in countless Hollywood productions is the Brooklyn Bridge — and it has a blockbuster history of its own.

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