Thermo Fisher transforms its customer experience

With its business rapidly growing and customer expectations rising, Thermo Fisher Scientific is turning to machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA) to transform the customer experience. Formed from the merger of Thermo Electron and Fisher Scientific in 2006, Thermo Fisher Scientific is one of the world’s largest suppliers of scientific instruments, reagents, and services, with more than 130,000 employees worldwide. Since 2006, it has grown with additional mergers and acquisitions, including Life Technologies Corp. in 2013, Alfa Aesar in 2015, Affymetrix and FEI Co. in 2016, and BD Advanced Bioprocessing in 2018. The rapid growth left the company highly dependent on fragmented, manual processes and disparate data sources and systems. With more than 10 million transactions and interactions per year across order entry, sales, and customer service, the company found those processes could not scale to meet the demand and deliver the experience its customers needed.

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