These High-tech Glasses Are Basically a Wearable 140-inch Screen with 3D, 4K Resolution

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Here’s something that’s not new: Smartphone users are watching more stuff on their phones. Here’s also something that’s not new: These smaller screens are not always ideal for movies and shows with a lot of action. But here’s something that is new, and could offer a solution to jimmy-rigging some sort of phone stand or straining one’s eyes when trying to view content on your phone. TCL Communications recently unveiled their NXTWear G. According to the company, these glasses provide the equivalent of a wearable 140” screen via a lightweight sunglasses-like design, dual Sony high-definition OLED screens, and embedded speakers. The 16:9 aspect ratio screen can display video in both 3D and 4K resolution, and because they’re glasses, it doesn’t matter where the phone is located — the screen always stays in front of your eyes.

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