Top 16 business process management tools

In the past, businesses were said to run on paper. Today, they run on data and that data is usually juggled, herded, curated, and organized by business process management (BPM) software. BPM tools help organizations create, execute, optimize, and monitor business processes. There are dozens of tools that fall into this category, including homegrown systems built by the local IT staff. Since those early inhouse iterations, BPM systems have evolved into excellent full-fleged platforms for tracking and fine-tuning everything that happens inside an organization, complete with a wide variety of interfaces for working with other standard enterprise systems such as accounting software or assembly line management systems. Because of this, BPM tools can be conceived of as a nexus that sucks in data from an array of business applications, tracking everything that happens in a given business process — what some have come to describe as “building a digital twin.” 

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