Utilizing IIoT in a Post-COVID-19 Workplace

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The issue facing many post-COVID-19 workplaces today is how to continue productive workflow without endangering employees. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology has proven to be an invaluable tool for achieving this goal. One of the many benefits of IIoT is the facilitation of remote operations. Using IIoT sensors and devices that transfer digitized data in real time, technicians are able to track the state and health of the on-site environment while maintaining social distancing. Remote IIoT monitoring also reduces costs by replacing in-person visits with off-site communication. IIoT devices are available from companies such as Axzon, Plataine, Valarm, and Tulip. It can be difficult to enforce social distancing in the work environment. To help combat this problem, intelligent algorithms can locate employees’ positions via trackable devices to help maintain social distancing. These devices can control access to popular areas like break rooms. Additional benefits include workflow optimization and valuable staffing data. In addition to increasing safety in a post-pandemic industry, IIoT is the financially savvy technology of the future. By 2025, IoT driven application improvements could be worth more than $470 billion per year, according to IDC research.

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